Excellent Machine Under Power.

Machine Id: 1347 Serial No:
Model: 104 Asking Price: onrequest
Make: Gleason Country: United States
Year: Weight: 0.0
Dimensions: Location: Mumbai Warehouse,India
Category: Gear Related Machines
Type of Machine: Coniflex Straight Bevel Generator

(1) Set-Up of Change Gears For Speed, Feed and Roll, Index and Ratio Roll
Hydraulic Double-Acting Chucking Mechanism (Less Draw-in-Bar and Nut)
Self-Contained Hydraulic System
Self-Contained Coolant System
Workhead Brake
Full Guards Cover
Full Compliment of Electrics (Motor/Controls)


Cone Distance: 0 to 4-1/2"
Pitch Angle: 84 deg. 18 min. (max); 5 deg. 42 min. (min)
Extreme Ratio: 10-to-1
Pitch Diameter: 10-to-1 ratio; 8-1/2" (max)
Pitch Diameter: 1-to-1 ratio; 6" (max)
Diametral Pitch (coarsest): 3 DP
Diametral Pitch (finest): 20 DP
Face Width: 1-3/8" (max)
Index Range: 9 to 93 inclusive, and most numbers up to 175
Pressure Angles: 20, 22-1/2 & 25 deg.
Diameter of Taper Hole at Large : 3-29/32"
Taper per Foot: 39/64"
Depth of Taper: 6"
Diameter of Hole Through: 2-7/16"
Spindle Nose to Machine Center: 1-1/2" to 9"
Cutter Speeds: 98 to 286 (feet per minute)
Feeds: 4.2 to 69.2 (seconds per tooth)
Main Motor: 5 HP - 480V - 1800 RPM - 60 Hz - 3 PH