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JK Gears is an established vendor of new and used machine tools, with over 30 years' experience in buying, rebuilding, retrofitting and commissioning machine tools WORLDWIDE. We have industrial space in Mumbai which is open 24 hours per day for inspection, where we store over 200 machines at any given time. We specialise in gear manufacturing, pressure diecasting, plano miller, boring and grinding machines, as well as heat treatment facilities, machining and turning centres. Such machines find their usage in the automotive, aviation, power generation, mining and construction industries. Our stock includes the industry's best brands such as Gleason, Pfauter, Hurth and Buhler. The stock comprises both CNC and conventional machines.

We are a global leader in the production of new CNC machines, as we retrofit conventional machines into affordable CNC machine tools. We also have a gear manufacturing facility in Mumbai, producing quality bespoke gears for some of India's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers. We can produce gears from 16mm to 1600 mm in diameter.

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CNC Variable Taper Liebherr Gear Shaper For Sale

Liebherr ws1 TWO axis CNC Gear Shaper For Sale( choice of two similar machines)


Gear Cutting Spare Capacity Available